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VENI Energy Group offers two different Energy Sourcing services to Nordic businesses – both providing competitive prices based on continuous short and long term market monitoring and expert sourcing practices. Both services protect our customers from market volatility and sudden price hikes.

With more than 20 years of experience, approximately 30.000 business customers, sourcing of more than 7 billion kilowatt hours per year and a Nordic expert team, VENI Energy Group is the leading provider of electricity sourcing services across Finland, Sweden and Norway.

As a customer, you gain access to the market’s best energy management environments, effective energy cost control, predictability for budgeting – and not least, competitive terms and conditions on your energy supply. VENI constantly evaluates when and how new volumes should be sourced and hedged in the wholesale market, based on competent market assessments.

VENI provides professional management of your company’s energy sourcing, so you can focus on what is most important: your core business activities!



“VENI Energy Group is the leading provider of electricity sourcing services across Finland, Sweden and Norway”

Portfolio Management Service
The Portfolio Management Service is an Electricity Sourcing service where portfolios of customers’ volumes are ensured prices below a defined price ceiling for a period of time into the future. This is achieved through a number of structured auctions every year – in combination with physical delivery and invoicing services.

The Portfolio Management service, pooling volumes from many customers, gives access to sourcing practices normally reserved for major electricity consumers and market players. This is possible due to the size of VENI’s customer base which gives access to all wholesale market services and mechanisms.

The structured auctions are carried out when VENI’s team of experts see the short and long term markets as attractive. The securing of prices is structured such that customers are guaranteed never to exceed a price ceiling for the defined period of time (normally 1-5 quarters ahead), however, should the underlying market fall then customers will receive lower prices.

This provides you with both the advantages of a fixed price product (you know the maximum price, predictability for budgeting), and also of a spot market based product (lower prices if the underlying market drops). Best of both worlds!

Physical delivery and billing services are subject to competitive bidding every 12-24 months.

VENI performs this service for approximately 15.000 businesses in Norway and Sweden, and is now offering this service also in Finland.

Tendering & Hedging Service
The Tendering & Hedging Service is a structured auction where large numbers of suppliers are invited to place bids on margins to individual customers. The supplier offering the lowest margin wins your volume for the time frame in question.

VENI’s team of experts then actively manages your relationship with the supplier, and places orders to lock in future prices when the short and long term markets are seen as attractive. You achieve lower electricity costs by competitive tendering of the electricity vendors’ margins, and by the right timing of electricity procurement.

VENI’s experts handle the competitive tendering of electricity on your behalf, always negotiating with the various parties and entering into agreements making sure that you receive electricity at the best available price. Experts handle electricity procurement on behalf of the customer, in the interests of the customer. The price of electricity remains competitive, and the risks of electricity procurement are constantly under control. Electricity prices are known in advance, hence, expenses are easy to budget.

VENI manages the sourcing of electricity in this manner for approx. 15.000 businesses in Finland and Sweden. This service will be introduced also in Norway in 2018.

To discuss how VENI Energy Group can assist you in competitive and effective sourcing of energy, contact us.

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