About VENI Energy Group

VENI Energy Group is a leading player in energy services and sourcing. We secure energy for more than 48.000 businesses across the Nordics.

Norway was the first country in Scandinavia to deregulate its electricity market. In 1995 Thomas Hakavik, founder and CEO of VENI Energy Group, established Norsk Energirevisjon in Drammen. Hakavik’s motivation for founding the company was the awareness that a number of companies with large energy consumption had signed unfavourable contracts with utilities. Moreover, these companies were being incorrectly invoiced under complex new regulations. The company pioneered our Energy Audit concept, and demand for invoice verification grew rapidly in the deregulated market. To date, refunds Energy Audit has obtained for its corporate clients total several hundred million NOK.

In 1996 the group established its Smart Metering service for commercial properties. The concept encompasses a simplification of management and organization for energy-efficient operation of multiple-tenant facilities, while avoiding additional cost for owners and tenants. Metering and Energy Management is now Norway’s market leader, with a large number of leading real estate companies as clients, managing energy for more than 200 properties in Norway and Sweden.

In 1999 the group opened an office in Gothenburg and expanded its services to cover Sweden.

In 2007 the company established Energy Sourcing as a new business area, focusing on procuring electricity on best possible terms for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Today, Energy Sourcing is a leading player in the Nordics, sourcing more than 7 TWh (billion kWh) per year.

In the summer of 2016 Norvestor became the largest shareholder of VENI Energy Group. Norvestor is a private equity fund with headquarters in Oslo, Norway.

Today the group encompasses multiple enterprises. In 2017 VENI Energy Group acquired Enegia Market Services OY and Yrittäjäin Sähkönhankinta OY in Finland, as well as Enegia Sweden AB. Enegia Market Services is a leading independent energy intermediary for SMEs. In January 2018 Enegia Market Services’ new name became VENI Energia, as part of the name change of the group to VENI Energy Group during the spring 2018.

In August 2021, VENI Energia acquired Greene Finland Oy.

Following the acquisitions, VENI Energy Group provides active energy procurement services to more than 48,000 customers in the Nordics, with a combined energy consumption of approximately 10 TWh.

Group companies:

VENI Energy Topco AS

Org. nr. 929 255 097

VENI Energy Group AS

Org. nr. 916 321 058

Eneas Services AS

Org. nr. 898 652 602

Nordel Energi AB

Org. nr. 556755-7284

VENI Metering AS

Org. nr. 980 405 540

Eneas Services AB

Org. nr. 556899-4015

Neras Direkte AS

Org. nr. 986 330 682

VENI Metering AB

Org. nr. 556563-9308

Nordel Energi AS

Org. nr. 827 561 592

VENI Energia OY

Org. nr. 2840712-8

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